CNG American Energy Trash Trucks


CNG American Energy Trash Trucks Refueling at Public Station in Florida.


CNG American Energy Trash Truck

Opis Press Release


POMPANO BEACH, FL (April 18, 2017)-  Refuse fleets are taking advantage of CNG American Energy in South Florida.

Located off I-95 in Pompano Beach, is the first public access station in South Florida– Opis Energy. The refueling station expanded its facility back in 2015 and has seen continued growth in part to the waste industry.

One of Opis Energy’s newest clients is the City of Hallandale Beach Sanitation, which is one of several refuse companies that use the station. There are numerous benefits for fleets running on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), and the refuse industry has truly adopted this green initiative.

Waste companies running on diesel powered trucks have an unfavorable image with their loud engines and exhaust smoke. The refuse industry recognized their environmental corporate social responsibility and began adopting Compressed Natural Gas.  In addition to quiet and clean burning engines, fleets also are attracted to the price stability, conversion incentives and cost per gallon equivalent. These are key components for high mileage truck fleets with low fuel economy typically averaging 5 mpg.

“The waste industry has gone all in, almost every contract now requires CNG to be used because the largest refuse companies in the US drive the bids and they are almost 100%  CNG”- stated Jeff Greene, of Wise Gas, Inc.- Operating Partner for Opis Energy.

American CNG Energy, LLC and Opis Energy are pleased to be a part of the infrastructure and movement that helps, not just refuse companies, but all transportation go green!

American CNG Energy is the Capital Partner and Holding Company for Opis Energy. American CNG builds out Opis Energy stations with the help of Operating Partner-Wise Gas. Wise Gas has been in the CNG business for over 10 years building and operating CNG stations.

Opis Energy is the name brand label for American CNG Energy’s Compressed Natural Gas stations.

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