True Glue is First to Launch Completely Organic, Non-Toxic Salon Grade Lash Extension Glue

By sticking to its mission of upending the makeup industry’s use of toxic chemicals in makeup formulas, True Glue is steadily altering the cosmetic landscape – one organic beauty product at a time. When the company was first launched in 2014, its flagship product the first all-natural eyelash adhesive. Since then, the company has continued to innovate and has added to its repertoire of always-natural makeup products. And most recently, True Glue has launched a product that is another very first of its kind: a salon grade lash extension glue.

Designed for salon technicians to apply on clients who want beautiful, long-lasting lash extensions, this new lash glue is formulated entirely from natural and vegan ingredients which have properties beneficial to human skin and hair. And it’s also cruelty-free: True Glue adamantly refuses to use animals as testbeds for its beauty products.

The launch of this product comes close on the heels of True Glue’s recent roll out of an organic liquid eyeliner, mascara and all-natural lip gloss line. “With the launch of this salon-grade lash adhesive, salons can now recommend an actually healthy, safe lash glue to their clients,” says Emily Lyons – the driven CEO and founder of the young-but-ever-expanding cosmetic company.

Lash glues currently used by salons throughout the world are often filled with toxic chemicals – compounds like formaldehyde and cyanoacrylate which can damage your eyes and your overall health. In addition, lash glues found in most salons today are destructive to the environment – precisely because of the extensive use of synthetic chemicals in these glues.

On the other hand, True Glue’s new lash extension adhesive is eco-friendly – even the packaging is biodegradable. Featuring long-lasting holding power – up to 5 weeks – the adhesive’s ingredients include candelilla wax, olive oil, and corn starch.

True Glue’s Salon Grade Lash Extensions Adhesive is now available for order from the company’s official website, The company can be reached at for information concerning True Glue’s Wholesale Program  

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