Mike Veny Will Be The Keynote Speaker for Championing Children’s Mental Health

Mike Veny is a man of many talents. As a corporate drumming event facilitator, his drums transform dull and boring corporate events and retreats into something magical, a safe space to bond and a chance to see real synergy evolve from a shared experience. Veny, however, is much more than his drumming. He has something in common with one out of four people in the U.S. “I struggle with a variety mental health challenges on a daily basis,” said Veny. “I have struggled with mental health issues since I was a child. I was fortunate to have the right support system to help me become successful despite my challenges.”

On May 31st, Mike Veny will be the keynote speaker for an event titled, PASSION AND PURPOSE: Championing Children’s Mental Health. It will be an evening of fun, festivities, and appreciation in celebration of 15 years of advocating for families with children who have mental and behavioral health challenges and empowering them to advocate for their children and communities.

The event will be hosted by Favor, Inc. For the past 15 years, they have worked with many champions who have dedicated their passion and purpose to helping transform the children’s behavioral health system by making it more responsive to the family voice. The event will honor Tim Marshall from the Department of Children and Families for his dedication to families. We will also honor six family champions from across the state who have made a difference for families and their children in their communities. Come enjoy music from the skillful mixing of melodies by Stevie B, and much more!

PASSION AND PURPOSE: Championing Children’s Mental Health
May 31st, 2017
6:00pm to 9:00pm
Elizabeth Park Pond House
555 Asylum Ave in West Hartford, CT.


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