Kansas City, MO, USA – June 21, 2017:  Renowned Author and Educational Expert from Kansas City, Dr. Grace LaJoy has announced that she will be seeking community support on Kickstarter to crowdfund her new children’s book series called ‘The Grace Series’ that revolves around ‘Gracie’, a sweet and intelligent 7 year old girl who gets into interesting situations.  The author will be releasing this series of 6 inspiring books on October 13th.  Being a poetess, author, PhD scholar and academic expert, Dr. LaJoy has written more than 20 books and she is now welcoming everyone to support her campaign on Kickstarter.

“I wanted to create something that can be thought provoking yet entertaining as well for the children.” Said Dr. Grace LaJoy while talking about her books in the new series. “I want children to learn, I want children to laugh, I want them to live their childhood to the fullest and these books are a humble effort on my part to achieve this.” She added. Grace’s new book series reflects her own childhood memories and on her crowdfunding page on Kickstarter, she has narrated one of these stories in a video.

According to the author, this book series is going to be a special treat for the fans of Judy Blume, Jane O’Connor and Herman Parish.  Following are the six heartwarming books in the series that are not only great for children but will also entertain many adults:

  1.  Popcorn Behind the Bush
  2.  Cake in My Shoe
  3.  Water in His Face
  4.  Math on the Table
  5.  I Trimmed My Edges
  6.  Puppy Ate My Shorts

Dr. Grace LaJoy Henderson is a Kansas City based author, poetess, artist and an academic professional who has more than 20 books and publications to her credit. Moreover she is aPhD in Christian Counseling and has earned two masters degrees, in Education, and Curriculum and Instruction while her bachelor’s degree is in Social Psychology. Her goal in this crowdfunding campaign is to raise $3000 for this book series and she is offering several amazing rewards for each pledge made for her campaign. Generous support can be made to this project on Kickstarter using the following link: