NYC welcomes 50+ international aspiring entrepreneurs

Empowered by key players in entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology, applicants who have shown the greatest potential as high-impact entrepreneurs, have been selected to take part in a first-hand experience to develop their business skills and mindset.

This is what TrepCamp is all about.

TrepCamp started in 2013 as a bi-national entrepreneurship training program under the framework of the Mexico-United States Entrepreneurship and Innovation Council (MUSEIC), and is now one of the leading entrepreneurship training programs in America with participants of 20+ countries.


Each year, young aspiring entrepreneurs, called Treps, travel to top innovation ecosystems for a 3-week program in which they tackle key global challenges, guided by an Entrepreneur in Residence and supported by Mentors. In parallel, they connect with the host ecosystem through seminars with experts and by visiting incubators/accelerators, innovation centers, and leading companies.

This generates a deeper and cross-cultural understanding of the NYC entrepreneurial ecosystem, and provides the participants with tools and insights to propose solutions to relevant problems across the world.

From among an initial list of challenges based on global MegaTrends the Treps select the ones that interest them the most and build multidisciplinary teams to address them. The challenges are divided into 3 categories:

  • The “IMPACT challenges” to solve some of the world’s most urgent challenges and impact the lives of millions.
  • The “EMTECH challenges” to disrupt key industries and challenge existing dominant players by using emerging technologies.
  • The “NEXTGEN challenges” to imagine the next generation solution for key industries and create new business opportunities.


For the third time, the New York University (NYU), one of the most prestigious universities in the world, will host a group of 50 entrepreneurs from July 10th to 28th and will set the grounds for them to delve into the City’s vibrant innovation and entrepreneurship scene.


This year, David Pedra, a visionary leader and founding member of Incendium Strategies and advisor to disruptive startups, will guide the Treps as their Entrepreneur in Residence. He’ll lead workshops and mentoring sessions focused on the first steps of business creation, while providing key insights on the Treps’ projects, from the deep understanding of the problem to solve, to the development of an innovative and viable solution and its conceptual prototype.



A group of highly skilled mentors advices and guides the Treps in the development of their projects and provides them insights on the Emerging Technologies they leverage to reach high-impact goals.

All the TrepCamp mentors have a strong entrepreneurial experience and knowledge of the New York ecosystem in order to connect the teams to the appropriate people. These are some of the supportive mentors this year:

  • Glen Patterson – Co-Founder at Harlem Tech Summit
  • Daniela Birnbaum – Co-Founder at Payfully; Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator member
  • Mike Lightman – Innovation & Entrepreneurship at World Bank Group
  • Yoash Dvir – Sr.Project Manager at Lifion; Business and Legal expert
  • Carlos Valverde – VP of Silverstein Properties; Skyscraper expert
  • Deyanira Murga – Executive Director at Cerberus Consulting; Cybersecurity expert
  • Alvaro Burgos – Founder and Principal Consultant at ABC&C
  • Guillaume Fouche – Business Manager Bloomberg New Energy Finance
  • Oscar Gonzalez – Co-founder at The Sawyer Effect
  • Trevor John – Software Engineer at Draft
  • Alvaro Villasante – Business Development Manager Central America at Acciona Energy
  • Rafael Salas – Brian Quirk – Director of Business Development at Centric Digital
  • María José Vázquez – Marketing & Administrative at LUMA Partners LLC


Furthermore, successful entrepreneurs, innovators, and experts in their fields share their knowledge and experience with the Treps to inspire and empower them to have an impact in their countries and internationally.

The speakers who join the adventure this year are the following:

  • Fatou Jabbie – Founder and CEO at USL Technology INC; Top Sustainability expert
  • Brian Quirk – Director of Business Development at Centric Digital
  • Vanessa Pestritto – Founding Partner at Lattice Ventures
  • Cynthia Hellen – Founder & CEO at SMPLCT Lab; NY Women Social Entrepreneurs Leader
  • Justin Hendrix – Executive Director at NYC Media Lab
  • Paulina Concha – Research Associate at Columbia Water Center
  • Henry Gordon-Smith – Founder at Agritecture; Executive Director at Blue Planet Consulting
  • Austin Okere – Member of the Business Council on Innovation and Intrapreneurship (WEF) and founder at CWG Plc


As a main part of this immersive experience, the Treps visit leading and innovative organizations in NYC; they get to know their team members and get a perspective of what day-to-day business looks and feels like in a first-class business & tech environment:

  • Kickstarter – The world’s largest funding platform for creative projects; talk focused on crowdfunding.
  • CE Week – The hottest tech event in the City; hosted by the Executive Producer
  • Sky Vegetables – A renowned and innovative urban farm; presentation about green building technologies and business considerations
  • BrainPop – A leading Ed-Tech Company worldwide; talk on content creation and business development
  • World Trade Center – Guided Tour of the new complex with a special talk by the construction’s Project Manager focused on technology and execution skills
  • Samsung Next – The Venture Capital Arm of Samsung & a top accelerator; special panel involving UX and VC members
  • United Nations – Visit to the Permanent Mission of Mexico to the UN; talk focused on innovation and economic development
  • Bloomberg – Leading international financial Company; talk focused on business and Fintech


At the end of the 3 weeks, the program reaches its climax with a Demo Day in which the teams pitch their solutions and present their prototypes to a panel of investors elect a winner team.

The 2017 NYC panelists are:

  • Andrew D. Ive – Managing Director at FOOD-X / SOSV
  • Jorge M. Torres – Venture Capital Investor and Director at InSITE

A rounded and enriching experience awaits the Treps in the City that never sleeps. Word is getting out and everyone involved is getting excited and the best is yet to come.

TrepCamp will welcome any inquiry and partnership exploration with open arms.

Don’t hesitate to contact Justine Guenver, as she’ll be happy to chat with you and answer the questions you may have:

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