Ken Christensen believes Democratic Candidates for U.S. Congress must include political messaging in their stump speeches on strongly supporting and strengthening Labor Unions

Ken Christensen, CEO of Christensen & Associates Inc., who works in U.S. Congressional Democratic politics, releases a statement regarding candidate messaging on strengthening Labor Unions and creating jobs.

WASHINGTON, DC – The following statement is from Ken Christensen and the opinions expressed are his own. Democratic candidates for U.S. Congress must include messaging on strengthening Labor Unions, creating family wage paying jobs, building a stronger economy and strongly supporting Davis-Bacon for the Building and Construction Trades Unions.

I also highly recommend that Democratic candidates for U.S. Congress include messaging on creating a Jobs Leadership Team that will bring together Labor Leaders, Business Leaders, Senior Citizens, Students, Public Officials, Community Leaders, Democrats, Republicans and individuals locally interested in discussing ways to create jobs in their respective congressional districts. It is also a way to start bringing bipartisanship back into the political process and a way to show the U.S. Congress that bipartisanship can work again.

We must focus on creating a strong economy, an economy that creates new family wage paying jobs and jobs for our children and grandchildren locally. Creating jobs for our children and grandchildren locally keeps them close to home and is a win win for our communities especially for moms, dads, grandmothers and grandfathers.

We must create new Labor Union supported manufacturing plants here in America using high tech to out compete other countries. The model of sending money and jobs out of America for profit is not a model we can follow any more. We must fight to bring jobs and manufacturing back into America. We must focus on creating jobs in America now by being competitive and using new technology to compete and at the same time pay our workers a family-supporting wage. We should find companies who want to invest in America and make America’s economy stronger. That is a model we should strive for.

Labor Unions are a very important part of our economy. When America’s Labor Unions are at their strongest America is at its strongest.

Democratic candidates for U.S. Congress must create jobs and economic messages that resonate with voters including messaging on strengthening America’s Labor Unions.


Kenneth S. Christensen is the CEO of Christensen & Associates Inc., a Democratic Washington, DC based firm focused on political strategy, campaign fundraising and voter modeling & targeting services for U.S. Congressional Democratic campaigns.

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