Naypadmasagarji Maharaj, first Jain spiritual leader to be awarded on Eiffel Tower

Naypadmasagarji Maharaj became the first ever Jain spiritual leader to be awarded atop the iconic Wonder of the World, the Eiffel Tower at a glittering award’s event ​which was an initiative of the World News Network.

​​Naypadmasagarji Maharaj, as a leader in the spiritual domain, got awarded along with other prestigious​ dignitaries​ on that occasion in Paris. The award was conferred for the leadership he had shown to the Jain community in particular and to others in general over the years, with him spear-heading the Jain philosophy of Ahimsa and compassion for every living being in this world. With such ​​noble thoughts being spread far and wide to as many communities and countries in the world, Guru Ji has been helping make this world a peaceful and considerate one and also thus help guide the future generations too.​ Mr.​Virendra Shah of the Jain International organisation JIO said about this eminent Guruji, “Guruji is an inspirational leader of the Jainism faith and who in spite of his frugal living habits is able to work tirelessly for the faith to be spread far and wide. He has till date covered 75000 kilometres by foot all over India.”

Apart from him, Sadhvi ​​Ma​ya​na Shree Ji was also awarded for women-empowerment and to help nurture the women-folk to identify the wisdom which is in the great Jain books of philosophy, amongst the members of the community.​ Mr.​Surendra Mardia of JIO mentioned, “Sadhvi Mayana Shree Ji ​has used the tenets of Jainism to help women folk ​find strength and courage to stand for their rights and empowered many a woman and create successful and peaceful communities where the family structure is given importance to help create an orderly society where peace and tranquillity would prevail.

Amongst the major celebs who were felicitated at the occasion were French, European and other fashion designers, industrialists, actors, etc. from all across the world.​ Guest of honour Robby Wells, the U.S. Democratic Party’s Presidential candidate for the 2020 elections drew a parallel to his RiseUp Campaign with talk of love peace and harmony when he spoke about how the Jainism faith and its ideals has a great potential to help rid this world of hatred​ and global terror.

The Jain community too had a major share of the awards with some of the leading lights from this infuential community snagging awards for the yeomen’s service which they are widely recognised for. Some of the prominent and illustrious names included Mr.Naresh Kantilal Zaveri, the diamond magnate from Antwerp; the young and dashing actor, Dhruvin Shah, who, all of 19 years is creating ripples in the West as well as in his debut movie in India; the Turakhia Brothers, who have also been internationally been acknowledged as the youngest billionnaires; the steel industrialist, Ghevarchand Bohra; the garments industry duo of Uchik Gala and Sanjay Shah; the chemical industry veteran, Virendra P. Shah; the noted industrialist and philanthropist, Surendra Mardia; the young financial analyst based in London, Yashvardhan Jain; Sharad Jain, the Fund Manager from Dubai; Jayesh Kala, amongst others.

Satish Reddy, the Managing Director of the World News Network, observed, “The striking feature of the initiatives which the Jain Guruji Naypadmasagarji Maharaj Sahebji has accomplished ever-so-effortlessly over the years is to spread the messages of the Jain Thirthankaras to his followers and make them a cohesive unit so that whenever the community required any objective to be fulfilled, the followers came up with robust support always. Getting to see such unity amongst an influential community who are known to use their ideals of the faith in their daily personal, social and business lives gives so much joy and warms the cockles of the heart.”

Dakshesh Shah; a prominent businessman and a keen follower of Guru ​Naypadmasagarji Maharaj,​ quipped, “Am extremely happy that Guruji has been recognised for his exemplary service to humanity on top of such an iconic Wonder of this World. I am extremely thrilled and spellbound by such an extraordinary awards programme which has the dignitaries from all continents of the world congregating alongwith a potential American President on top of this famous world monument”.

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